Biggest Tech Employers in SF

Site of new Google outpost on Alabama and 16th, according to the FT.

The San Francisco Business Times has a report out on the city’s biggest employers – and the average age, which is actually not 24, but 34, or maybe its just an aging generation.

Tech giants like GoogleSalesforce andTwitter crown the top of the list, but the biggest 50 also features hot up-and-comers on the verge of IPOs like Square,Dropbox and Airbnb. In a city that counts roughly 50,000 tech employees overall, the top 50 represent some 28,000 workers.

And these companies are growing. The top 50 hired 3,400 employees in the past year, with plans to add at least 1,600 more jobs throughout 2014.


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  1. Mission What?

    More Tech propaganda. Every piece on here now sounds like it’s paid for by some lobby. Thanks again Lydia for telling us it’s all okay and there is nothing to fear.

    • Lydia Chavez Post author

      Jasper, Thank you, but just to be clear, this isn’t about trying to tell you that everything is okay. This is about trying to post a variety of views and to give readers information on groups – from sfengage or code for america to the anti-evictionmapping project and Just Cause – that readers can become involved with if they want to. Best, lc

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