A Good Day for Jerry Garcia’s Mission Rain

Originally posted in 2008

It is again a good day for remembering the Jerry Garcia’s song “Mission in the Rain.”  Stewart Oksenhorn’s piece calls the song “an interior monologue of searching for release and redemption.”

(An earlier version credited the song to the Grateful Dead, but a reader, Mike, pointed out correctly that this is Jerry Garcia solo.)

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  1. Mike R

    It’s a great song but for the record it is a Jerry Garcia solo tune not a GD song

  2. Edmund

    Such a beautiful song, Jerry Garcia song, Mission in the Rain, San Fransisco song

  3. MM in Aspen

    I googled Jerry Garcia and Stewart Oksenhorn and found my way to this page. Lydia, I don’t know if you posted this after having heard some news about Stewart. He passed a way on Feb. 2. Mission in the Rain was his favorite song. I have been listening to it a lot since then, and it will surely be played at Stewart’s memorial on Feb. 23.

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