Ways to Save Water

Photo by Alicia Avila

KQED has a helpful list of how to save water in your everyday life including waiting to do the big wash, picking up that dropped ice and throwing it on a plant and more.

Our tip: Keep a bowl of water in the sink for all rinsing of dishes.

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  1. Penny wise, pound foolish. 77% of Californian fresh water goes to agricultural use, including silliness like growing lettuce in the true desert of the Imperial Valley. 57% of the residential water use goes to landscaping.

    The correct way to save water in California is to not grow high-water crops in biomes not suited for them. Failing that, the way to cut residential water use is to stop watering high-water landscaped plants in biomes not suited to them. Everything else is a hair shirt– and, given the amount of water we’re talking about, an ineffective hair shirt.

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