VIDEO: When Being Homeless Starts at 16

Joe Drake, 24, has been mostly homeless for eight years.

A life on the streets led to repeated run-ins with the law, and after serving 18 months at San Quentin State Prison on drug and gun charges, Joe decided to turn his life around.

Now, Joe’s mentorship work with incarcerated youth through the Wraparound Project, a violence reduction program at San Francisco General Hospital, has earned him a Heroes & Hearts Award, which will be presented at AT&T Park on February 13.

But as his time at a youth shelter is about to run out, Joe’s future is still uncertain.

Joe from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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  1. Mike k

    Not one other comment.
    This young man seems like he has potential but I would suggest that rapping will not help.
    Take an English class and learn to speak correctly.
    As dorky and lame as it seems you will stand out from the rest.
    Ebonics doesn’t work

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