‘The Mission is Well on Its Way to Becoming a Techie Theme Park.

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Whether it is the burgeoning economy or the backlash against the tech industry, national outlets are paying close attention to what’s happening in San Francisco. The latest piece is a perspective from an UC Berkeley professor who says the Mission is on its way to becoming a techie theme park.

Some highlights:

“Techie” used to suggest a computer whiz with no social skills, now it suggests one with no social conscience.

That hermetic subculture seemed to find its natural home in Silicon Valley, where it could flourish in industrious seclusion from the rest of the world. You could get lunch, a workout and a massage without leaving the corporate campus, then drive home at one in the morning without ever encountering anybody so different from you that they didn’t also know that “hacker” could be a positive term.

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  1. John

    It’s the people who oppose change and progress who are guilty of trying to make the Mission some kind of theme park or time capsule.

    It’s the regressive progressives who want to make the Mission a theme park for Hispania, Hippiedom or Bohemia. The rest of us want a working neighborhood with new homes and business, and not a theme park.

  2. Kaliman

    We already know it’s on the road to becoming a techie theme park – nothing new here. Other parts of SF are joining the theme park fray.

    “Techie” used to suggest a computer whiz with no social skills, now it suggests one with no social conscience”

    First order of business: Change the Ellis Act to prevent further evictions and focus stopping landlord/speculator greed.

  3. Godzuki

    I don’t think the city govt. should cater to any one group of residents, whether it’s techies, homeless, Amish or whatever. It really seems like it’s been lopsided lately.

    • John

      True, stereotyping is very popular in SF and the use of the phrase “theme park” is just another way of stereotyping and tainting a class of people.

      So one group will bemoan trying to turn the Mission into a Hispanic theme park by designating 24th Street a special cultural district, while another group will attack techies by claiming the Mission is becoming a techie theme park.

      What is this except good old “divide and conquer” SF tribalism and identity politics?

    • C. Russo

      The Mission is the new Marina. Zzzz…

      At least they nobody calls them “hipsters” any more. That was a hell of a stretch.

    • City

      Lately? Gays have always received special treatment here…wtf are you talking about?!

  4. Jules

    I regularly wonder if the people writing these articles actually know any real tech workers. I’m starting to doubt it since the people they’re describing don’t match any of the many tech workers I know.

  5. poor.ass.millionaire

    I think we’re doing a good deed in the mission to open our arms to techies. They need cultural help! These poor Silicon-Valley-all-the-same white (whoops, better throw asian in there too) peeps come to the mission because they want cultural diversity. Since they come here seeking diversity, how can they over take it? Over taking what they seek would nullify its advantage. And then they’re back to the valley. So let’s be nice about it, nnnkkkaaayyyyy?

    • zig

      It’s not really diversity. There is plenty of Mexicans and Asians on the Pennisula.

      They want what all single people want. Access to other single people to mingle with

  6. randolph mortimer

    All techies out of the Mission, we don’t need you people coming into our neighborhood and appropriating our culture. Keep the Mission Luddite! (posted from my iPhone)

  7. City

    All you fucking cry babies need to shut the fuck up! None of ya’ll own SF! I dont give a shit if your a 3rd gen native or a recent transplant….none of ya’ll have the right to cry. Be thankful u live in a place like this so shut the fuck up!!!!!

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