Seriously? Why Irritation Toward Tech Buses Grows

Note to tech companies: Driver’s Ed might help.

The tech bus featured in the photo stopped at 24th Street at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning parking at an angle while its passengers boarded. Meanwhile, those drivers turning onto 24th had to move over onto oncoming traffic to get by. If the bus had pulled in parallel to the curb, this would not have been as big a problem.

Yes, Muni drivers sometimes pull in at an angle and that does them no favors either.

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  1. MissionResident

    Do yourselves a favor and stop covering google buses until you have something interesting to say.

  2. dude

    Streets like 24th are too small for the buses anyways. They should stick to 4-lane streets.

  3. Give It A Rest


  4. I live on 24th

    These buses are just so annoying in such small streets. If these private, for profit bus companies are going to be using public infrastructure they should be paying more taxes.

    • Jim

      Can you tell that to car owners too, and remind them that gas taxes pay nothing to maintain local streets.

  5. Thanks Tech Busses

    I spilled coffe on myself this morning.

    Thanks, Tech Busses!

  6. sanjuro

    BTW, that part of the sidewalk is angled away from the main section. The bus is in part of the road designated for buses, and it appears to be parallel to the main section.

    Is the irritation towards the google buses going to continue of fake stories like this?

  7. John

    So you want the bus to block a crosswalk instead?

    I’ve seen the same behavior from delivery trucks, airport shuttles, cabs and so on. The only difference is that those are not being demonized based on nothing more valid than the choice of occupation of the people inside.

    Lydia, you are better than this cheap nonsense.

  8. poor.ass.millionaire

    C’mon Lyds, that bus is stopped pretty close to the curb. Quit hatin on tech buses!

  9. community

    if you want to be irritated about something, you can always find reasons.

    For instance, I would be really irritated if all those bus riders were clogging the roads with their cars.

    I’m mean, come on, BUSSES ARE GOOD!
    They reduce congestion & pollution.

    please stop confusion the superficial with the meaningful. If you are upset that there are hard working people in the neighborhood who are being paid well because they are smart and creative, please go ahead and post about that. But by focusing on a superficial issue like the busses, you make yourself look foolish and undermine your own cause. Buses are good for everyone in the neighborhood.

    Focus on the actual issues please.

    • C. Russo

      It’s not the buses, man, it’s what they mean. The blockading of these symbols of extreme gentirifcation raised debates both locally and nationally. Most recently, it inspired a sicko billionaire to disgrace himself on the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal.

      The editors of Mission Local would be quite foolish to drop this now.

      (And 24th Street is way too narrow for these behemoth buses. Better to use Cesar Chavez.)

      • John

        Russo, all the buses mean are a form of getting to work, and an environmentally friendly one at that.

        This got a lot of press because greed and envy stories capture eyeballs and sell newsprint. As does any form of opposites e.g. greed vs envy, rich vs poor, landlord vs tenant and so on.

        But a lot of press doesn’t equate to a lot of political significance. Occupy was in the press for weeks and yet fizzled out to nothing.

        And we’re talking about only a few dozen people protesting. This isn’t Vietnam, and this too will pass.

      • ThatGuy

        Ps. They do use Cesar Chavez… wtf are you talking about?!

  10. missionfilms

    We are two high school students working on a documentary about gentrification in the mission. Growing up in San Francisco, we have experienced the ever changing nature of our city and feel impassioned about documenting it. The process of filmmaking thus far has been exciting, interesting, and eye opening to say the least. Because we are taking on this project as a personal endeavor rather than part of a class, we are faced with the reality that it takes funds to create a quality documentary. That is why we’ve come to you to ask for your help in supporting our project. Please check us out at:

    • ThatGuy

      Whatever you do, don’t follow what these “journalists” are doing here. This is more of an experiment on SEO than anything.

      Sad. Good luck to you all though.

    • two beers

      Yeah, whatever you do, don’t follow these journalists here whom “ThatGuy” finds so objectionable that he is somehow compelled to comment on everything they write.

      ThatGuy: if you hate ML so much, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALWAYS HERE?

  11. Bob

    Lay off tech bus already. They reduce pollution and traffic. I love them.

    Where is Yanez? Before 20 articles on tech bus we had 20 articles on Yanez, then you dropped him. He must be sad.

  12. ThatGuy

    i had salad stuck in my teeth after lunch…

    .. thanks tech busses! :(((

    • two beers

      Hey, dude, I don’t go trolling on Free Republic, even though I don’t like their shtick. Why the hell do you have to constantly piss in ML’s pool?

      What the hell is up with the Mission Landlord Club that they always spam every article on ML that they don’t like?

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        ThatGuy is a LL too?

      • John

        Are only socialists welcome here? You don’t ever want to hear a contrary opinion?

      • Bob

        Why so hostile to competing views, TB?

        • two beers

          I’m not hostile to different views. Good debate is healthy. But you guys aren’t debating: You guys are trying to shut down the discussion.

          Worse, you criticize and insult the hosts. That’s downright rude, boorish, and ignorant behavior.

      • ThatGuy


  13. HoofHearted

    Is this a tumblr blog or a news source again? I use to enjoy the articles, biased or otherwise. However, this is just utter trash.

  14. Local

    Please, stop this nonsense. I don’t understand the anger toward tech workers. If your upset about displacement, be angry with your supervisor, the mayor and city planners. We need more affordable housing .., and no we don’t need tighter rent control laws. Rent control is one of the main deterrents to potential landoards and builders jumping in gin to the market.

  15. ThatGuy

    For those of you hating on us “trolls”… Fuck you.

    Mission Local is the one TROLLING this entire goddam neighborhood with their bullshit “journalism”.

    “Mission Local believes that by covering a neighborhood fairly and thoroughly, we can build community and a sustainable model for quality journalism.”

    REALLY? Fucking trolls.

    • two beers

      So why don’t you go somewhere you would be more happy?

      Are you such a masochist that you constantly haunt a site that makes you so angry? Why are you so angry? You seem very imbalanced and possibly even violent. Please seek help for your condition.

  16. two beers

    None of the Mission Landlord Breakfast Club will answer my question:

    If you dislike ML so much, why are you always here?

    I don’t like Free Republic or Red State (or Kos, for that matter), so I don’t go to those places. And even if I did, I wouldn’t pee in their pool.

    So, why are you guy always here on a site you dislike, and why are you always pissing the pool?

    I post occasionally on Socket Site. My views are contrary to most of the readers. But I never criticize the host. Does that make me better than you? Probably! It surely makes me better-behaved and more polite than you lot of boorish party-pooper/pool-pissers.

  17. CL

    Why don’t people ever complain about all the casino buses that are always parked illegally/ double parked around 16th and Mission? They too are using public resources.

    • randolph mortimer

      Because white tech workers don’t ride those casino buses and it doesn’t fit their racist class war narrative, duh.

    • poor.ass.millionaire

      Because those casino buses provide a real service- getting mostly working class minorities out to Vegas so they can loose what little extra cash they saved.

  18. ThatGuy

    Lydia — can you also post pictures of Muni buses, UPS/FedEx trucks, taxis and other vehicles blocking bike lanes and bus stops?

    It happens. Your fascination with pointing out that a subset of these are SO MUCH worst than others is beyond pathethic.

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