The new year ushers in more than 800 new laws for the Golden State, with a few that really hit home.

No papers? No problem! Not only will undocumented immigrants be eligible to drive on California roadways sometime in the next year, but the state’s high court can also license qualified lawyers regardless of their immigration status.

Think rooftop honey and backyard chicken coops, but take it to the next level of a full-scale urban farm, and you have yourself a tax break. Owners of vacant or blighted properties can get a pass if the property is solely used for agriculture in an urban area with a population of 250,000 or more.

Read more about the laws here.

Heather Mack

Heather Mack, 30, has spent most of her life outdoors and often hangs out in the less-frequented parks of San Francisco to avoid the crowds of places like Dolores Park on a Saturday. She believes that...

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