Dolores Street Armed Robber Flees in Getaway Car

defaultcrime2Oh Dolores Street, boulevard of stately homes, luxury condos with “butterfly habitat” views, ambiguously employed 20-somethings drinking at the city’s best park, everyone in a Sunday state of mind.

Well, then the record ripped, and the general state of Dolores Street urban bliss turned to straight-up terror around 11:30 Wednesday night for a 25-year-old Asian female, who was walking near 18th Street — that’s the corner better known for an around-the-corner line for Bi-Rite Creamery. A 20 to 30 year-old robber (a black male according to police) pulled out a gun on her and ordered her to the ground — demanding her possessions. She handed them over — her purse, her cell phone, cash, her passport, her driver’s license and two credit cards.

A mid-size sedan pulled up and the robber jumped in and sped away. So far, no arrests. Turns out the seemingly pleasant Dolores Park area itself is a little bit like Bi-Rite’s ever-popular salted caramel scoops — sweet on impact, still salty around the edges. And scary on the side.

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  1. HoofHearted

    Your use of commas in your first paragraph made me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

    “And scary on the side.”

    Why would you end your beautiful prose with the word ‘and’ after a full stop.

    I think the vomit just dribbled out of my mouth.

    • jordan rasp

      Why are you such a hack? That “Oh, I just vomited in my mouth a little bit” shtick was lame when it was original.

  2. John

    Ambiguously employed? What does that mean?

  3. Elle

    Lauren Smiley, you are the worst.

  4. Jules

    Please stop trying to make the crime reports into a comedy skit. It isn’t funny and never will be.

  5. Joe Shlabotnik

    This was a horrifying incident for the young woman and you’re cracking cutesy little asides about the residents and businesses of the area? You and whoever taught you journalism should be canned. Just disgraceful.

  6. chris

    Agreed. This is truly juvenile, and somewhat nauseating.

  7. MissionBernal

    Mission Local, do you, as an organization, stand behind this type of writing? This is absolute garbage

    • nutrisystem

      Calm down folks. I don’t think the author was diminishing the seriousness of this robbery, just contrasting it with the sunny setting. Also, there is a long tradition of black humor in crime blotter sections of American newspapers which many people appreciate.

      • Alene

        I am calm, but sickened. I doubt that the victim of this crime would find either being forced to the ground at gunpoint or this flippant story funny. I am unable to understand why Mission Local posted this.

  8. Kevin

    Can I get my violent assault in a cup, or are cones the only option? (I’m trying to watch my weight.)

  9. Buster

    Lauren Smiley is absolutely the worst writer. You are not clever but come across a very immature person.

  10. Mission resident

    Lauren smiley is a tard for writing such a stupid article, but the editor posted it. “Everyone in a Sunday state of mind while drinking in the sunny park”. Doesn’t make sense. This horrible incident happened on a Wednesday night. Good thing the girl assaulted wasn’t a tech worker or Lauren would have given the assailant a Medal of Honor.

  11. eee

    Lauren, please familiarize yourself with the work of Edna Buchanan. She knew how to make crime reporting entertaining without being offensive.

  12. code3

    sadly thugzs know people with money are moving into the Mission, they drive around for easy prey , women, guys talking on cellphones not paying attention, well dressed drunks.

    it will keep happening, crimes of opportunity.

    watch your backs, bad people are prowling.

  13. Tom T

    Stop commenting — it only encourages them.

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