defaultcrime2Oh Dolores Street, boulevard of stately homes, luxury condos with “butterfly habitat” views, ambiguously employed 20-somethings drinking at the city’s best park, everyone in a Sunday state of mind.

Well, then the record ripped, and the general state of Dolores Street urban bliss turned to straight-up terror around 11:30 Wednesday night for a 25-year-old Asian female, who was walking near 18th Street — that’s the corner better known for an around-the-corner line for Bi-Rite Creamery. A 20 to 30 year-old robber (a black male according to police) pulled out a gun on her and ordered her to the ground — demanding her possessions. She handed them over — her purse, her cell phone, cash, her passport, her driver’s license and two credit cards.

A mid-size sedan pulled up and the robber jumped in and sped away. So far, no arrests. Turns out the seemingly pleasant Dolores Park area itself is a little bit like Bi-Rite’s ever-popular salted caramel scoops — sweet on impact, still salty around the edges. And scary on the side.