Campos-Chiu Assembly Race Heats Up

District 9 Supervisor David Campos rides the 49 Mission/Van Ness bus to City Hall Thursday with more than a dozen children. Photo by Chris Sanchez.

For  political wonks, Beyond Chron writes about the Assembly race that pits Supervisor David Campos against President of the Board of Supes, David Chiu.

Last week, the David Chiu campaign released a poll showing Chiu ahead of Campos 37% to 25%, with 38% undecided. The campaign added:

“Furthermore, voters in AD-17 express a strong preference for a candidate like David Chiu. When presented with a choice between “an outspoken activist” and “a practical problem solver,” 72% prefer the problem-solver, while only 20 percent of likely general election voters would choose an outspoken activist like David Campos. This margin is even wider among undecided voters.” READ MORE HERE.

Do polls before the fall even matter much? Regardless, interesting how Campos and Chiu are spinning their campaigns.


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  1. John

    Yes, SF voters want someone who can work with a broad range of constituencies. Campos, like Avalos, seems incapable of talking to moderate and conservative interests.

    That plays well to his chosen supporters, but I anticipate he will be crushed by the much more pragmatic and expansive Chui.

  2. Dieter

    An early poll like this means a lot more when you consider that there is an election in June.

    Campos has the uphill battle. He is well intentioned, but has few big accomplishments to his name on the board. What is he doing to address major issues like public safety and evictions in his own district?

    As we’ve seen in recent elections, voters also don’t care about how dogmatic of a progressive you are. People just want results.

  3. pete

    It seems Campos only cares about his rhetoric grabbing some press, as opposed to actually coming up with some solutions to the mission’s problems. As much as I want him out, I still won’t be able to bring myself to vote for him.

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