Another Voice From Tech Talks to Fellow Titans

We're in This Together by Molly Oleson

USA Today weighs in on the San Francisco/Shuttle/Tech imbroglio and quotes Salesforce founder Marc Beinoff’s advice to his fellow tech titans.

“Companies are making billions of dollars; they can give back a small percentage of that back,” says Benioff, who supports the rights of the protesters. “The homeless, child care and public schools are logical philanthropic targets for tech.” READ MORE HERE.

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  1. Fabrizio

    Actually the tech companies could, and should, give a BIG percentage of it back. They made a fortune with taxpayer subsidies for years. What did we get out of it? Stasi on steroids.

  2. nutrisystem

    The solution is not asking nicely for the surveillance/advertising corporations to give to charities and have their employees “volunteer” at soup kitchens.

    The solution is to TAX them in a reasonable way – that is, a way that prevents a billionaire overlord class from taking over the country.

    For starters, that means taxing all income over one million (including capital gains income, the primary source of income to the ultra-rich) at a 90% or higher rate.

    That means DISALLOWING their blatant and de-facto criminal tax avoidance strategies (for example Google claiming its profits occur in Ireland where there is minimal corporate taxation).

    And REGULATE them strictly… Regulate the collection, retention, and use of personal data; regulate impacts on communities, such as hyperinflation of housing costs.

    If they don’t like it, then they can go ACTUALLY set up shop in Ireland or the Cayman Islands instead of just pretending to operate there.

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