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Restaurant workers may not be able to afford rent in the city, but they’re about to get a health care windfall.

Today the office of City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced the successful conclusion of its “Healthy San Francisco” surcharge fraud enforcement program. The program investigated shortfalls between amounts charged to restaurant customers to cover the cost of complying with the city’s universal health care law and the funds actually expended to provide health care benefits to employees. The program has resulted in voluntary settlements which will distribute over $2 million to 4,000 employees across 38 dining establishments.

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  1. I don’t get this. If some of the 4% fee extorted (sorry, collected) doesn’t get spent on actual healthcare because (presumably) the employees didn’t get sick enough, then why does that go to the employee?

    It’s like me asking my boss for cash because I choose a cheaper healthcare plan.

    There’s a lot wrong with this plan and, hopefully, ObamaCare will mean we can disband it.

    I hear a number of people saying that they just knock 4% off the tip anyway, so it’s a dumb merry-go-round.

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