We would like to hear it @ missionlocal@gmail.com, but so would artist Stan Heller, a long time Mission resident and artist who is working on a show, “This is not My Beautiful House” that opens at Borderlands Cafe on December 3.

He’s sent this message:

Long time area resident Stan Heller and his family are facing eviction from their Church Street home within the next three months. For what could be his last San Francisco exhibit, Heller will present in photographs and interviews the faces and stories of long term San Francisco residents caught in the current real estate frenzy.

His most current work, a collaboration with Mission artist Rio Yanez, is on display at SOMARTS ‘Day of the Dead.’ The Yanez family is also faced with eviction. In their work over the past four years, Heller and Yanez have explored the changing face of the Mission and the Valencia Street corridor.

Persons or families faced with eviction who would like to tell their stories and be photographed for this exhibit should contact the artist at stan.heller@gmail.com.