Matt Hort, along with his parents, Sambath Hort and Malinda Hing, run Valencia Farmers Market on 24th and Valencia. In operation since 1984, the market has a loyal following among neighborhood shoppers. Hort says the market and its offerings have changed through the years according to the changing demographics of the Mission and the grocery needs of local residents.

Lynne Shallcross

Lynne Shallcross was stressed and tired after walking three miles without finding an open community clinic. “Is this what it's like for Mission residents who work full-time?” she wondered. Having walked...

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  1. This is a nice store. I shopped here a lot around ’88-’89 when living on San Jose Ave; always nice to have natural cereals and soups and the like so close to home. The article seems awfully skimpy.

  2. Super happy to see these great people honored…they have been with the neighborhood for so many years doing so much for their customers! They are definitely one of the true treasures of our community. Thanks for this.

  3. Totally great place run by most wonderful family. Thanks for the piece (hope they’re not overrun now)

  4. Mi familia y yo vivimos en la calle san Jose Ave desde que ellos abrieron su local disfrutamos de comprar alli verduras frutas cajas de naranjas y jugo envasado todo fresco.Gracias a todos son muy amables sonrien y ayudan.Gracias a Mission Local por hacer reportajes de mi vecindario.

  5. My beautiful aunt in pink..good worker..I remember this place when I was a child ,now I’m in the east coast..I loved their fresh fruits and veg…miss it soo much

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