Oh, heyyyy, Mission! Happy Saturday. It’s 54 degrees, headed to 67, another lovely fall (?) day in San Francisco.

When shopping for Christmas this year, keep in mind the ever-growing debate over gun control and toy gun control. Lawmakers are considering cracking down on toy guns, and our own Emily Gibson explores the issue here.

Outdoing itself once again, Black Friday was particularly ugly this year. Nationwide, protesters rallied against Wal-Mart during the most absurd shopping day of the year, claiming the biggest of the big box stores routinely shorts employees wages and myriad other complaints.  More than two dozen people were arrested in California, five of them in San Leandro and  15 in Roseville. While the 22 million people who decided to shop at Wal-Marts across the country that day probably sent a much stronger message, it was still noted that the people of Wal-Mart have spoken.

Trouble in tech paradise. Snapchat, which is so confidently hot right now that it can pass up $3 billion offers, is being sued. Reggie Brown, former classmate and frat bro of Snapchat’s gazillionaires Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy, claims he was “wrongfully ousted” from the silly app and wants his share. It seems that is was Brown who came up with the idea for the pictures to disappear, information that is supported in a video in which Spiegal admits the same, as well as some regrets for the dark, early days of Snapchat. It’s unclear what features others came up with if the whole point of Snapchat hinges on Brown’s idea, but it’s definitely evident that some involved may wish that the aforementioned video worked a lot more like their app.  Are we going to start seeing a lot more of these kinds of suits in tech-obsessed SF?

Yes, we know Thanksgiving was two days ago, but this is worth a mention because it’s just too funny: Who said passing notes was just for pre-cell phone teenagers? This hilariously cantankerous spat between two plane passengers on Thanksgiving Day – carried out via good old-fashioned hand-written notes ( I know! ) gave all of us a little extra something to express gratitude for, as well as helping to extend the already long holiday weekend. Full disclosure: some of it actually took place on Twitter, but it still incited nostalgia for 1990s home room bickering.

Heather Mack

Heather Mack, 30, has spent most of her life outdoors and often hangs out in the less-frequented parks of San Francisco to avoid the crowds of places like Dolores Park on a Saturday. She believes that...

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