Día de los Muertos in Photos

A woman in makeup on 24th Street. Photo by Hélène Goupil

Hundreds of people gathered for the annual Día de los Muertos celebration Saturday. A protest against evictions took place at the same time as the procession.

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  1. Soonerdiver

    Some people will butt in to anything to get their voice heard… the celebration was not for the anti-eviction crowd.

    • David

      Of course it doesn’t matter that soon we’ll be mourning the whole neighborhood if evictions continue at their current pace… No no, has nothing to do with it…

      • John

        David, Ellis evictions are running at under 200 a year for the entire city.

        So if they “continue at their current pace” the Mission will be 100% gentrified in about 500 years.

      • Old Mission Neighbor

        Not appropriate at this event.
        Will the protestors start picketing at funerals next?

  2. Ana

    Images of a little more Raza would have been nice.

  3. Alejandra

    I painted the sign and yes, I mourn for all my friends who are being evicted, I feel for the people who have dedicated their life for art and culture in the Mission.
    Dia de muertos is a sacred day where we remember our departed ones, but also makes us reflect on our lives,I don’t see a problem bringing issues that affect the community, as long as it’s done in a quiet and respectful way.

    • Dude

      Does yelling through a loudspeaker during the parade qualify? Because I got stuck in front of that thing.

      • Alejandra

        i’m sorry to hear that, that’s too much, I experienced a more silent procession, except for the wonderful musicians playing while walking the procession

  4. Alejandra

    The Dia de Muertos procession is about a quiet march with banda music, the loudspeakers can be too much. voices can be heard in a quiet mode too!

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