Ok, so maybe you’ve already been hitting the stores all day, snatching up deals like $10 iPads (not a real thing) or whatever, but are you doing it as efficiently as possible?

While risking death by stampede or crowd-related injuries like this poor dude in SoCal isn’t our idea of holiday fun, trying out new apps most certainly is. There is a bevy of shopping apps tailored for the Black Friday phenomenon, aimed at taking out a little bit of the craziness.

A sneak peak of a few: There’s Black Friday Ads that is geared towards impulse buyers (you know who you are) by alerting you of deals at all the stores near you, as overwhelming as that sounds. There’s RedLaser, which lets you scan barcodes to compare prices of specific items at different locations, and Zoomingo, which will find out if an item is available before you even have to push through the throng of overachiever shoppers.

For a better look, read here!