The ever-contentious discussion over where dogs can roam freely within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) in and around San Francisco continues, as Supervisor Scott Wiener plans to introduce a resolution today that opposes the GGNRA’s controversial dog management plan.

Concerned that the overhaul on dog use — introduced in 2011 and re-released last month by the GGNRA —will cause undue stress on city parks and severely impact popular doggie hangouts like Fort Funston, Crissy Field, Lands End, Baker Beach and Ocean Beach, Supervisor Wiener is calling for a more balanced approach.

“GGNRA is a critical recreation area for many San Franciscans, including San Franciscans with dogs,” said Supervisor Wiener in a press release. “While I respect the National Park Service’s desire to manage its properties responsibly, the current proposal goes too far in restricting dog access. I encourage the National Park Service to alter the plan to take into account the needs of all users, including those with dogs. I’m particularly concerned that the current proposal will restrict dog access at GGNRA so significantly that it will lead to dog over-crowding in our already over-crowded neighborhood parks.”

The resolution will be heard by the Land Use and Economic Development Committee on October 21.

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Heather Mack, 30, has spent most of her life outdoors and often hangs out in the less-frequented parks of San Francisco to avoid the crowds of places like Dolores Park on a Saturday. She believes that everyone is happier when they are outdoors, even if they don’t. At Mission Local, Heather wants to explore what healthy living in the Mission looks like for all socioeconomic classes.

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  1. Most of the conflict is like so many things- a few irresponsible dog owners making it hard for the rest. I’m a frequent user of Ocean Beach and have been bitten three times. Yet I understand the appeal of running your dog out there. It’s a natural playground. The rules already exist. And they’re quite restrictive. It doesn’t matter though- as there’s almost no enforcement. That won’t change as the government will not spend the money. So have fun!

  2. It’s not even enjoyable to make fun of this stuff anymore. It’s just too depressing to see the supervisors focusing on feel good do nothing programs while the real problems of the city are tearing it apart.

    1. There isn’t anything feel good or do nothing about it when you’re a dog walker and this directly impacts your income. This issue is a very real problem for hundreds of hard working San Franciscans, both dog walkers and their clients.