Fire Could Close Maverick For a Year

Burnt wood planks and broken glass were stacked on the curb in front of Maverick Saturday. Photo by Andy Mannix.

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The damage from a two-alarm fire could close the Maverick restaurant for six months to a year, said owner Mike Pierce.

The fire erupted in the three-story building, located at 3316 17th St. in the Mission, early Friday morning. This afternoon, the faint smell of smoke still lingered outside the restaurant. Burnt wood planks and pieces of broken glass were piled on the curb outside the building.

No one was injured in the blaze, but the restaurant and apartment units above are uninhabitable for now, said Pierce.

“It had enough damage where all the tenants had to move out,” he said. “A lot of that was smoke and water, and part of it was the fire men doing their thing.”

Investigators are still assessing the incident, but the fire appears to have started on a stovetop in the kitchen, said Pierce.

He said employees turned the gas off when they left for the night, but a fire inspector noticed the nobs seemed to be turned on. It’s possible that a janitor accidentally turned the stove on after hours, he said.

Maverick opened eight years ago, and has since gained a dedicated following among its Mission neighbors and San Francisco foodies.

“People will definitely miss it,” said Dan Yada, who was walking by the boarded-up restaurant today.

Yada went to college with Pierce, and he’s watched the owners build up Maverick and expand the menu since it opened, he said.

“To see that all go up in smoke is devastating,” Yada said.

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  1. Mister Big

    Come back, soon. It was the site of many good meals.

  2. nutrisystem

    Translation: Gross negligence by yup eatery staff results in upstairs tenants being thrown out onto the street.

    But never mind them… We are supposed to feel sorry for owner Mike Pierce who was “always happy to find a wine to complement your meal” from their “constantly changing selection of wines from all over the world”.

    And what is to become of executive chef Emmanuel Eng now that he can’t “source as much organic produce, sustainable meats and fish as possible from local markets and farms” ?

    • John

      You have an issue with nice restaurants, nutrisystem?

      If so, I’m surprised that you like the Mission, which of course is full of them.

      Fires are unfortunate but I don’t think that out sympathy should be predicated on the perceived social class of the victims.

      • out-of-towner

        My son was one of the residents made homeless by the fire. I still wake up in a cold sweat at night thinking about what could easily have happened. Food is pretty far down on my list of priorities here.

        • John

          My sympathies. I would assume that the owner’s property insurance would meet a claim for out-of-pocket expenses as a result of your son having to relocate. So he should not literally be homeless.

          If the unit was rent-controlled, he will retain the first refusal right to move back to that unit once it has been rehabilitated. Although, in my experience, most tenants do not and move on, because the rehab period can be years in serious cases anyway.

  3. Shroudwoman

    Praise to the Holy Beings and Local guardians that protected our precious Buddhist Temple (right next door) didn’t burn down while we were in Portugal! Hope no one was hurt.

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