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It’s 7 a.m. and a brisk 51° now, but we’re headed to 65° later today. Check out your weekend weather, plus a warm-up headed our way next week, in the 10-day forecast here.

Feeling bleary-eyed this morning because you were up as late as the BART negotiators last night, just waiting for an answer so that you could plan your morning commute? (Yaaawn, me too.) Well, the good news is, the trains are still running. The not-so-good news? There’s no deal yet, and union leaders have given a formal 72-hour notice to strike on Monday if a deal can’t be reached by Sunday at midnight, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. So we’ll just get to sit on the edge of our seats a little longer. Lucky us.

In other “Is it shut down or is it not?” news, the federal government shutdown has meant doors closed for some, but not for others. As mentioned here in the Chronicle, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is closed, while the Presidio of San Francisco — surrounded by the recreation area — remains open, thanks to a separate federal law. Sound confusing? It is.

Has Jack Spade given up the fight to open a store on 16th Street? Yes, according to the San Francisco Bay Guardian. This follows Wednesday evening’s Board of Appeals meeting, which delivered a rehearing victory to Jack Spade’s opponents.

Lynne Shallcross

Lynne Shallcross was stressed and tired after walking three miles without finding an open community clinic. “Is this what it's like for Mission residents who work full-time?” she wondered. Having walked...

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