It’s 7 a.m. and 58°. Today’s weather will be sunny and cool with winds gusting up to 20 knots and highs reaching 64°. The temperate weather is expected to last well through the weekend.

No word yet on the details behind a death being called “suspicious” that happened on the 1000 block of Capp Street Sunday, SF Weekly reports. Police are investigating the death and would not comment on the case until more is known. The medical examiner’s office identified the man who died as Juan Ortega, a 56-year-old San Francisco resident.

Of all the restaurants in the Mission, 45 percent were guilty of at least one of the nine violations deemed “essentially unforgiveable” by Mission resident, data scientist and foodie Mike Conover. That terminology is used to describe places where there is a moderate-to-high risk of vermin infestation, sewage or wastewater contamination or re-serving previously served food, Mission Local reports.

One San Francisco artist is taking the stage with her only props being a cell phone and her laptop. Cara Rose-DeFabio explores how people talk about death online in her interactive stage show called “After the Tone,” showing at the Exit Theater in the Tenderloin, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. DeFabio uses technology by doing things like tweeting and messaging audience members during her performance. She’s one of many emerging young artists in the Bay Area adapting work to use the latest technology.