It only takes two to tango, but the Red Poppy Art House promises much more tonight.

MamaCoatl will provide vocals along with guest singer Claudio Santome, while Damián Núñez handles piano duties during an evening that promises to explore “the song book of the classic ranchero and the timeless tango themes that make up our sentimental common ground.”

Billed as Tangos con Chile: Para el Fin de los Tiempos, the show will also feature poet Adrian Arias, actress Alexandra Rieloff and storyteller Carlos Baron.

Tickets run $15-20, and the event benefits Casa Madre Monte Healing Arts in Longo Mai, Costa Rica.

Doors open at 7. Show starts at 7:30. 2698 Folsom.

Mark Kurlyandchik

He once tried to sell homemade sauerkraut. Now, Mark Kurlyandchik, a lifelong foodie from a Russian family of small business owners, writes about the business of food. He’s excited to explore how immigrant...

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