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Todd Brown, founder of the Red Poppy Art House, was given 30 days to vacate his Silver Terrace art studio last month. Photo by Laura Waxmann

Red Poppy Art House Founder Priced Out of Art Studio

It is impossible to quantify the exchanges and relationships that have formed in the spaces that artist Todd Brown has created and curated in the Mission for nearly two decades. He’s been heavily involved in the Mission Arts & Performance Project, known as MAPP, which started in 2003 when Brown saw a need to connect local artists living within blocks from...
Residents collaborated to complete their sculptural representation of the Mission.

Artists, Residents Sculpt Gentrification as They See It

The Mission’s housing crisis was on center stage at the Red Poppy Art House on Saturday evening, and that stage had a hole in it. All afternoon and evening, artists convened around, peeked out of and disappeared into the small hole in the art house floor. They explained it symbolized the Mission’s present being built over its past, at the expense...
Las Posadas procession waits outside Pig&Pie to be let in.

Gimme Shelter: Las Posadas Marches down 24th

First published Dec. 20 at 6 a.m. Consider the story of Mary and Joseph: a young couple with minimal rental history and a meager carpenter income move to a new city  to find that an influx of new tenants make for an insanely competitive rental market. Finding no vacancies, and with a baby on the way, they instead make due...
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Las Posadas Procession Tonight: Even Holy Family Had Problems Finding Affordable Housing

A traditional Christmas procession celebrated throughout Latin America, Las Posadas re-enacts Joseph and Mary’s quest to find housing and their facing repeated rejections from Grinch-like landlords. Sound familiar? At a community celebration tonight of Las Posadas organized by the Red Poppy Art House, expect a candlelit procession along 24th Street, free food at various venues, traditional Mexican carols and a smattering of art performances about...

Explore Ranchero and Tango at Red Poppy Art House Tonight

It only takes two to tango, but the Red Poppy Art House promises much more tonight. MamaCoatl will provide vocals along with guest singer Claudio Santome, while Damián Núñez handles piano duties during an evening that promises to explore “the song book of the classic ranchero and the timeless tango themes that make up our sentimental common ground.” Billed as...
Photo by Molly Oleson.

It’s MAPP Time

It’s time for a new Mission Arts and Performances Project (MAPP). To help you plan for your night out, performers and locations are listed below. Organized by a neighborhood group of artists who meet at the Red Poppy Art House, MAPP takes place the first Saturday every other month and usually include 15 venues including garages, cafés, studios, gardens, and...

Anastasia’s Sweet Melodies

Anastasia Van Wingerden released her debut album, “Pacific,” in August 2012. She is originally from Carpinteria, Calif., and has been living in San Francisco for five years. Van Wingerden usually plays with her band, the Sunkeepers. For more information, visit her website here.        

La Música: Makrù

Raul Vargas and Vinicio Peñate, musicians formerly with La Malamaña, started Makrù about three years ago, along with Javier Monge, Bob Sanders and Izzy Weiser; the new member of the band is Martina Castro. Their music is a mixture of Spanish rumbas, reggae, ska, cumbia and more. They will play at Red Poppy tonight, August 26.