Woman Shot in Robbery Incident on 14th Street

A woman in her mid-20s was shot in the leg at 7 p.m. Saturday night on 14th Street between Folsom and Harrison streets, police reported. The victim, whose injuries were not life-threatening, was taken to the hospital.

The incident “appears to have started as a robbery of a commercial establishment,” according to the police report.

Police Officer Albie Esparza said that it was unclear if the victim was an employee or a customer. She was shot in her lower legs.

Two male suspects fled from the scene with an undisclosed amount of money, he added. Esparza declined to give the name of the establishment where the robbery took place.

No arrests have been made. Mission Local will update as we get new information.

Police will be reviewing video surveillance cameras and are asking any witnesses to contact SFPD anonymously at415-575-4444 or text-a-tip to TIP411 with SFPD at the start of the message.

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  1. blue

    Crime in the Mission is really getting out of hand. What can be done besides getting a bunch of cameras, cops, and insurance claims?

    • Soonerdiver

      Start arming the local population… get conceal carry permits and make it a well known fact. Do you really think someone will walk into an establishment to rob them if there is a good chance they owner/workers might be armed and shoot back?

      You voted the people into office that want to keep you unarmed… now you must live with the violence that follows… look to Chicago for a prime example.

      • Sorry Soonerdiver,

        I don’t think that more weapons mean less violence. If you compare SF with Chicago, why don’t you compare the US with other countries like the UK?

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