An occasional collection of bites. Have you eaten anything good or bad, or seen a good scene while you munched? Send in your short bites to Full names only.

Sexy Fries at Curry Up Now. When Curry Up Now opened a restaurant on Valencia, things got dangerous: I no longer had to hunt down the food truck to satisfy my craving for their sexy sweet potato fries. Why are these fries so sexy, you ask? Because they come with chicken tikka masala, cheese and onions piled on top. Yum. Luckily, the restaurant sells a half-order, so I’m telling myself it’s OK that this has been my lunch for three of the last four days. — Liz Melchor

Loló, on 22nd between Mission and Valencia. I love this place so much. I’ve always been disappointed with Mexican food, but now I have hope — although this is not your traditional Mexican food. The star of the night: Taco Tropical, a thin slice of jicama with breaded shrimp, tropical relish and spicy aioli that just tastes delicious. The ceviche was exceptionally good as well, with mussels, tilapia and shrimp and a yummy citrus sauce with the right spiciness, at last. Ask for the specials of the day to try items that might not be on the menu. A tip when making reservations: Call and leave a message and they will get you a table; if you go online, you’ll have to settle for space within the next two days. The food is so good, everyone wants to eat here. The decor is cozy and pleasant and the service is great. Loló also has an agave bar that serves the best cocktails I’ve had in the Mission. With mezcal. Try the Tamarindo Mezcalito cocktail. — Andrea Valencia

Confit duck leg at Zoe’s on 24th and Folsom streets. I’m not one to frequent a place — I’m always on the hunt for new experiences — but I’ve been to Zoe’s four times in the last month. There’s a great vibe in this intimate little spot. The food and drinks are solid, and recently I tried the confit duck leg. An extremely generous portion was cooked almost to perfection, but was just a tad dry. The duck was accompanied by potatoes fried in duck fat, and I couldn’t help but savor every bite and walk out feeling a bit high. — Carlisle Haworth

Balompie Cafe and Restaurant, on the corner of 18th and Capp streets. Balompie always seems to have a nice crowd, which made me think that the food might be tasty. I walked in for some breakfast on a recent morning and enjoyed a ham and cheese omelette with rice, beans and tortillas that were mighty yummy. To top it off, I ordered fresh-squeezed orange juice. The coffee does the job and the refills are free. If you’re a soccer fan, Balompie might be the place for you — it has two televisions for soccer games and is decorated with soccer club paraphernalia from around the globe. — Alejandro Rosas

Shoyu ramen at Ken Ken Ramen, 18th and Mission streets. Cold gray days were made for ramen. Imagine a steaming-hot bowl of soy sauce-based broth, noodles and an onsen egg – an egg that looks boiled from the outside but is only half-cooked inside. Add some thinly sliced pork and vegetables, and you’ve got a delicious dinner. Slurp loudly and enjoy! Mmm, I’m hungry again. — Hélène Goupil

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