Weekend Crime Recap: Five Robberies


Two teens were robbed at knifepoint on the J line near Church and Clipper streets around 4:30 Friday afternoon.

Two men approached the victims on Muni and demanded their cell phones. One of the suspects brandished a knife and took a phone belonging to one of the teens from the victim’s pants pocket. The second suspect punched the other teenager in the face, then tried to steal his cell phone, but was unsuccessful.

Both suspects fled on foot. One of the victims suffered laceration to the face but chose not to go to the hospital.

A man was robbed at 10:45 p.m. Friday as he walked along Potrero Avenue near Alameda. Two suspects, described as men in their 20s, walked up to the victim and started punching him, then took his wallet, cell phone and bicycle and fled.

Four suspects snuck up on a man walking along Mission near 23rd Street at 10:20 Friday night and robbed him of his smart phone. One of the suspects put the victim in a headlock and dragged him to the ground. The victim was then punched in the face.

One of the suspects snatched the victim’s cell phone from his pants pocket while two other suspects held him down on the ground. The victim tried to escape, and some Guardian Angels came to his aid as the suspects fled the scene.

A man suffered a broken leg and broken nose, and his eye was swollen shut, after five suspects, described as men between the ages of 19 and 23, attacked him as he walked along 24th Street near York at about 11:30 p.m. Friday.

Two suspects approached the victim and demanded money. One of the suspects punched the victim in the face and another jumped in and also started hitting him.

A third suspect then hit the victim in the leg with a baseball bat. The victim fell to the ground and all five suspects kicked and hit him. One of the suspects reached into the victim’s pocket and took his wallet, which had some cash in it.

No arrests have been made.


A man was robbed as he walked along Folsom near 23rd Street at around 8:30 Saturday night. Two suspects approached him and one, described as a man between the ages of 21 and 23, simulated pointing a gun at the victim’s stomach, then demanded his property. The suspect went through the victim’s pockets and took his cell phone, his wallet, which had some cash in it, and his debit card.

The second suspect, described as a male teenager between the ages of 16 and 18, stood by as the robbery took place. Both then fled the scene.

A woman was walking along 15th Street near Shotwell at 11:55 Saturday night when a suspect, described as a man of about 40, approached and pointed a silver and black revolver at her. He pushed her to the ground and took her wallet, then ran away and got into a late-1980s model van with gray primer and drove away, heading southbound on Shotwell.


A woman was asleep when a noise from inside her house woke her around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. The victim announced herself and the suspect fled the house without stealing anything.

The victim told police she wasn’t sure if her door was locked. The incident happened at 26th and Church streets.

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  1. EJ

    “One of the suspects brandished a knife and took one of the teen’s phone his pant pocket.”


  2. SafeStreets

    we need more police and cameras on our streets. This is absurd! There is no reason that a bunch of punk kids should be able to get away with attacking and robbing people like this.

    stupid kids.

  3. Annabelle

    The lack of detail in ALL of these recaps is absurd. Does Mission Local really get nothing more than the gender of alleged attackers? Where can we go to get actual helpful information on these attacks? Things like ethnicity, height, any distinguishing characteristics, etc. A lot of these attacks might be the same group of thugs. All these recaps do is make me fearful, while giving me no idea who/what to look out for.

  4. tiritiritran tran tran


  5. kp

    The guy who got his leg broken and eye shut…that Equals attempted murder!

    This crime recap is intense…Time for The Mission Militia !

  6. jaime

    If you look at SF CrimeMapping you’ll see there has been a lot of crime at 23rd and Mission over the last month, including 6 robberies. I hardly ever see any police presence in that area. I guess SFPD doesn’t bother looking at this map in order to spot trends?

  7. Sc

    There was a DUI that totaled a few cars along Alabama and 22nd.

  8. Maurice Patapon

    Yeah, let’s have a cop and a camera on every single corner! And one in the middle of every block! Oh and a cop in every classroom and schoolyard and restaurant too. Let’s see, did I leave anyplace out? I’ve heard most violent crimes happen in people’s homes. Welcome Sargent Stadanko!

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