Three Men Arrested in Connection With Robbery Series

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Three men were arrested earlier this week in connection with a robbery attempt at a jewelry store on 23rd and Mission streets and two other robberies.

San Francisco residents Arthur Gonzalez, 34, Gary Green, 20, and Socorro Santiago, 18, were arrested Monday and charged with multiple counts of robbery, attempted robbery and conspiracy. Police said that the three men were found with a loaded firearm and ski masks at the time of arrest.

On Jan. 26, the suspects allegedly used a car that was reportedly carjacked on Jan. 15 in the area of Thomas and Maddux streets to commit an armed robbery at a jewelry store on West Portal Avenue. Four suspects walked into the store, two armed with guns, according to police, and held the owners at gunpoint while the two other suspects broke glass display cases with hammers. More than $80,000 worth of jewelry was taken during the incident. The suspects fled the scene and abandoned the car, which was later found by police.

Investigators were also able to link Gonzalez, Green and Santiago to a Feb. 8 gas station robbery on Cesar Chavez and Hampshire.

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