VIDEO: Voguing Strikes a Pose at The Stud

The A dance group from the House of Aviance is bringing voguing, a dance style that African Americans and Latinos began in Harlem ballrooms in the 1980s, to The Stud bar on Saturday night.

The House of Aviance is a collective that was founded in August of 1989 in Washington, D.C., by Mother Juan Aviance. Saturday’s performance will include model-like poses by Gehno Aviance, Timothy Richard Aviance and Antonio Contreras Aviance.

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  1. googiegomez

    This is/was very popular in NYC. If you are not familar with this “voguing” check out the film “Paris Is Burning”. It breaks down what the “Houses” are and how each “House” competes. Fascinating.

  2. Tucson

    Awesome! Y’all are so talented. I love PIB and think its great to bring it back. Can’t wait to be able to see you live… At a “ball” perhaps??? Yes!!!

  3. WOW…. I can’t believe that less then two months ago Gehno Aviance, Antonio Aviance and Tim Aviance mentioned to me that they would be putting together a Dance Troupe that would combine Vogue, Capoeira and Breaking and call the Troupe The “A” Now I see this video and I am truly BLOWN AWAY! GREAT JOB GUYS! I’M A PROUD MOTHER INDEED!!!

  4. Thanks for all the love and support! more shows coming up!

  5. Michael Christopher Aviance

    I am really proud of you guys bringing your talents out for the world to see. Being Avianace means many things and real is foremost on that list so keep keeping it real!

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