It’s going to be another cold morning in the Mission but it looks like it will be warming up a little by the afternoon. More details here.

These cold temperatures are especially hard on homeless people, KCBS reports.

“It’s very important,” he said of his desire to find a warm refuge. “Because you know, you can get hypothermia, you can get anything like that so you just want to get into some shelter.”

San Francisco’s homeless outreach team is also trained to work with the homeless who resist offers of assistance.

The SF Examiner takes a look at San Francisco’s drug disposal program. It’s been a success, the newspaper reports but unless more funding comes through, it will have to end in June.

The program began in April and has resulted in the safe disposal of 10,480 pounds of medicine, according to a Dec. 18 report from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Because of that success, city officials are working to figure out how to keep the program going. The report noted that the pilot has been “severely” limited by simply relying on the drug companies’ one-time financial contribution.

San Francisco officials are likely paying close attention to what happens with a lawsuit against Alameda County, which recently became the nation’s first municipality to pass a law requiring drug companies to fund and operate a disposal program.