12 Arrested After 49ers Victory Sunday

San Francisco police made 12 arrests following the 49ers game against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday afternoon, which the 49ers won 28 to 24. All the arrests were made in the Mission District.

According to police, one person was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and one for driving under the influence; nine people were arrested for public intoxication; and one was a warrant arrest.

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  1. John Doe

    Yeah, 12 arrested because the police were treating open containers like they were concealed weapons! I’ve never seen police hop out of an unmarked vehicle and manhandle people in broad daylight just for open containers like that before….

    • randolph mortimer

      Imagine that, the police enforcing the laws in the Mission.

    • lisa

      Good. Take your drunk fool selves to your OWN house and make a ruckus, instead of complaining that the laws are being enforced.

    • Dude

      They have learned from the SF Giants “celebrations” and are taking a more pro-active show of force. It seemed to generally work. Down at Mission and Russia St, the intersection was packed and the cops were getting bottles thrown at them. They are on edge, as they should be. Nobody who lives here wants the city to burn down.

  2. scum

    Brown People Behaving Badly on KRON 4.

  3. Lucy

    SFPD can’t win. People complain when there isn’t enough presence and then go and complain when they are enforcing the law. It’s really unfortunate SF citizens don’t understand the value these police officers who are constantly battered for doing their job and keeping this city safe. SFPD has more patience than I do.

    I truly hope this is not a precursor of what’s to come superbowl weekend.

    • Pablo

      Exactly. But, yes, it is a precursor. Do not park your car in the Mission Superbowl Sunday night unless you’re hoping to claim some insurance money.
      I wish the Niners players and Harbow would make an open statement asking people not to break other peoples’ property for the sake a football game.

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