‘Nightcap’ Debuts at ODC Theater

“SAN FRANCISCO, November 1, 2012 – For the 61st cycle of its Pilot Program, ODC School and ODC Theater presents ‘Nightcap,’ a sampling of new dances and an evening of good cheer. A cornerstone of ODC’s programming since 1990, the Pilot Program selects a cohort of six artists to receive mentorship in choreography and self-production over the course of an intensive 11-week session.  Recognized as an incubator for the next generation of artists, Pilot introduces audiences to up and coming talent in the Bay Area.” — ODC press release

We went to the rehearsals of Katherine Hawthorne and David Schleiffers. This is a sneak peek at what you can see this weekend at ODC.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 15-16
Where: ODC Dance Commons, Studio B, 351 Shotwell St.

Tickets: $12, available at 415-863-9834 and online at http://www.odctheater.org

ODC Pilot 61 from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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