4505 Meats to Open on Mission and 15th Streets

Photo courtesy of the SF Chronicle

Inside Scoop has, well, the scoop on Ryan Farr’s upcoming butcher shop on Mission and 15th streets. Farr signed a lease on a 515-square-foot space yesterday:

It will be a butcher shop, with a centerpiece butcher block, where Farr will be working daily. There, he’ll cut meat to order and/or grind meat to order. The idea is to create a community where folks can come in and chat with him about what they want and he’ll answer questions and hook up the meat right in front of you, like the butcher shops Farr saw in Europe. All types of meats and cuts will be available, from beef, pork, lamb and chicken, all the way to bones and fat, to smoked hams and chicharrones.

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  1. meatsack

    That seems a bit out of the way.

  2. Tiphani

    That sounds really interesting I think I will be making my way over there when he opens

  3. David F

    Love the idea of people seeing blood and bones again when buying animal flesh.

  4. Christine

    Sounds great! I live nearby, and seeing as I don’t trust the meat from FoodsCo, and Rainbow Grocery doesn’t sell meat, this is just what Inner Mission needed!

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