Scams Targeting Elderly Asians on the Rise in San Francisco

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The San Jose Mercury News reports that con artists have been regularly approaching older Asians with news that their families are in danger or under a curse. They ask for money to “bless” the family — in some cases as much as $20,000. The cons are often successful. “They’re clearly preying on the immigrant community who has stronger religious beliefs and customs. It’s been a very profitable scam,” the Mercury News quotes San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon.

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr has flatly called the scams “an organized crime ring” with likely international ties, prompting his city—whose Asian community is about a third of its overall population—to find ways to combat it.

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  1. ..and since this has been PROVEN;to be:asians robbing other asians…maybe the news media can STOP..referring to them as:”GYPSIES”..OKAY??..there NOT fuckin “gypsies”..their:ASIANS.WE do not “consider” them(or that type of activity)to be:”gypsies”..with that racist;ethnic undertone..that has nothing to do with ethnic gypsies.stirring up subliminal hatred of a people who have nothing to do with that pieces of crap.

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