KRON’s Stanley Roberts Calls People Out, This Time on Valencia Street

In this slightly awkward public shaming of poorly parked trucks and vehicles, television news reporter Stanley Roberts tells it like it is. Drivers are double parking on Valencia Street, he says, but they’re not average double parkers.

“These people are blocking bike lanes,” Roberts reports.

Lanes, he clarifies as if we didn’t know, set aside for just for bikers.

He’s known for his regular “People Behaving Badly” series in which badly behaving people forget their scruples, and then Roberts calls them out. Check out this video on Mission bike lanes. No one can escape Stanley Roberts’ wrath. Not even Meals on Wheels.

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  1. Eddie

    Whenever I have the misfortune of watching Roberts’ segments, I’m struck by his frequent attacks on poor people.

    Nevius and Roberts–mouthpieces for neo-fascism.

  2. Daniel

    It’s called sharing the road Stanley Roberts. What’s the solution genius? It’s a crowded city geez man!

  3. Terry

    Roberts works for KRON a station that pays its employees next to nothing in terms of pay, provides its employees next to nothing in terms of direction and contributes to the news business next to nothing in terms of quality. It is amazing that Roberts has been able to find a niche to point up the city’s problems.

    Unfortunately, the rich do not need to double park anywhere.

  4. Dave

    The better story would have been why nothing has been done on South Van Ness to slow traffic. I would welcome double parkers which would slow traffic on this street.

    Check it out Mr. Roberts

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