Sydney Sixers Defeat Highveld Lions by 10 Wickets; Mission Riots Break Out

Happy San Franciscans celebrate the Sydney Sixers winning some tournament by 10 wickets, or something. Photo by Mateo Hoke

You’re not going to believe this…

Yesterday, the Sydney Sixers beat up on the Highveld Lions by 10 wickets in the final of the Champions League Twenty20 tournament.

Missionites were so excited by the tournament’s outcome that they started multiple bonfires along Mission Street. If you heard honking horns and sirens last night, and saw fires burning in the streets, it is obviously due to the fact that not only did Highveld lose, but by 10 wickets. Ten wickets!

Full disclosure: we have no idea what this means. But surely someone in the Mission does, and that person may even be kind enough to explain it to us in the comments section. Until then, isn’t it nice to have a break from the Giants’ World Series victory?

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  1. MickDundee

    An analogy would be like this. Let’s say baseball only had two innings instead of nine. Each team bats and pitches once. The Highveld Lions score 8 home runs in their inning with three outs. The Sydney Sixers then score 9 home runs with zero outs.

    So the Highveld Lions lost by three outs. THREE OUTS.

  2. Mateo Hoke Post author

    Thanks mate! I appreciate you stepping up to the proverbial plate on this one.

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