Giants Win World Series

Revelers at 19th and Mission Streets. Photo by Mateo Hoke

Pandemonium ensued after the Giants beat the Tigers in Detroit Sunday night to win the World Series for the second time in three years. Below, check out our footage of scenes from Civic Center Plaza and of the street fires in the Mission. Look for more coverage soon.

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  1. mark

    PLEASE! Drunk people in the streets does not constitute a RIOT! Even if some petty vandalism is involved, to characterize a juvenile celebration as a riot degrades the word, and demeans the real riots happening in Europe this fall as a political response to brutal austerity policies, not a drunken response to a baseball game. Didn’t ML have this discussion in 2010?

  2. suki

    Petty vandalism is still BS. I’ll never believe this is okay,

  3. two beers

    People who live in fear and want to control others use any opportunity like this to scream about the twin horrors of anarchy and alcohol.

    I looked around this morning, and the city — somehow — survived this catastrophe, which some people think was every bit as dire as the earthquake.

    Somehow, civilization survived to see another day…

    • suki

      People who want to control others, huh? Sounds like the whine of an adolescent.

    • Dave

      Living in fear???? Mission and Valencia street look like a huge canvas of bad art thanks to the antics of the vandals.

      Would you feel the same way if you gave a party and all of the guests spray painted all of your walls of your home? Doubt it.

  4. Pamela

    Destroying property, setting fires is not a celebration it is a riot. The people who did this are scumbags. They have no respect to the people who live in the neighbhorhood, or to themselves for that matter. We can only hope that SFPD was able to arrest/detain these lowlifes.

  5. rocketgirl

    The stupidity that ensued after the Giants won only serves to confirm that people are terrible. A bunch of people you don’t know won a game that children play for fun and you go out and destroy a neighborhood. Guess what? You don’t actually get anything out of someone else’s World Series win, other than juvenile bragging rights. The players get cash and endorsement deals, but you? You (and the rest of us) get to pay for police and sanitation overtime and the cost of a few new Muni buses. Thanks, morons.

  6. George

    A few bad folks acting poorly. A whole bunch of Giants fans having one heck of a celebration! Let’s focus on the smiles as they were the overwhelming majority.

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