A 19-year-old woman on board a Muni bus was pushed, punched and had her cell phone stolen around 4 p.m. yesterday near 16th St. and Potrero Ave.

Two female suspects, aged 35 and 20, were involved, police said. One of the suspects fled the scene after allegedly stealing the phone. The victim then chased the woman, recovered her phone and called police.

Both suspects were arrested.

Mateo Hoke

Arts & Culture reporter at Mission Local @MrSurrealista

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  1. Following the two Muni perps was a great way to get yourself killed or injured!

    If you don’t have health insurance, one day in the hospital averages $40,000 dollars with minimal care (no surgery).

    Also, According to those penny a day/Colonial Penn. commercials “The average Funeral today now cost $9,000 dollars)!”

    Giving up your $650 (or $250 with contract) iPhone is the best investment decision you can make!

    P.S. Female criminals are more unpredictable and psycho than male criminals.

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