Good Morning Mission!

It’s 7:10 a.m. and 54º. It’s going to be cloudy, with temperatures going up to 64º.

Don’t forget to join us for live coverage of the Giants parade today at 11 a.m. Our reporters will be downtown bringing you live updates on what’s happening.

Sometimes things just don’t work out — like the cafe that Bar Bambino had planned for ODC. They had a kiosk for a while and were promising a bigger menu, but it never happened. Now comes news that AQ’s team will be opening up Cafe Mélange in that space in 2013 … we’re always looking for good lunch options around here, so we’ll check back on this.

GOOD magazine reports that Colombia has tiny libraries in parks. Wouldn’t that be great to have in the Mission? Imagine yourself hanging out at Dolores Park on a sunny afternoon, walking over to the tiny library and choosing one of the 350 books available.

The program was started more than 15 years ago, and it has continued to thrive, operating 51 mini libraries in Bogotá and more than 100 throughout the country. The libraries themselves are rather remarkable — they hold about 350 books each, and they’re operated by volunteer librarians who organize activities and help kids with their homework. They’re only open 12 hours per week, but at least those hours are usually over the weekend. The program is run by the nonprofit literacy group Fundalectura in conjunction with the parks system.

Happy Halloween!

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