Girlfriend Calls Dozier Her “Knight in Shining Armor”

Alleged sexual assailant's girlfriend told the jury, “He is well loved, that is why I came today,”

The evidence portion of the trial of Frederick Dozier Jr. ended today with Tanisha Carthen, Dozier’s girlfriend of eight years, called to the stand to testify in his defense.

Dozier, 32, is charged with sexually assaulting three women along the 24th Street corridor last year.

Carthen was the last witness called by Greg Goldman, Dozier’s public defender. When asked to describe in her own words her relationship with Dozier, she quietly said, “Knight in shining armor.”

Asked to elaborate by Goldman, she paused for a moment, visibly weeping, and said that she had been “through a lot in my life,” and that Dozier supported her.

“He is well loved, that is why I came today,” she said.

Today’s trial also included testimony from San Francisco Police Department Special Victims Unit Sgt. Joseph Nannery. The jury was asked to watch a video of Nannery interrogating Dozier as they followed along with a transcription of the conversation.

In the video, Nannery was able to extract a confession from Dozier that he was present the nights of the three separate sexual assaults, that he grabbed the women in all three incidents, and that some form of sexual contact happened in all three.

Dozier responded to many of the questions Nannery asked by saying, “I have no clue,” until Nannery said that there was DNA evidence linking him to the crimes.

Dozier, who allegedly robbed the second and third victims, steadfastly denied during the interrogation that he had taken any property from the women.

While Dozier eventually acknowledged having sexual contact with the women, after Nannery told him that his DNA linked him to the attacks, he denied having actual sexual intercourse with any of the victims.

At one point in the video he exclaimed to Nannery, “These incidents are the first time in my life I have ever did something like this.”

“I wish I could shoot myself in the foot right now,” Dozier said in the video. “I probably lost my girl, my jobs,” he said, starting to cry.

Nannery continued to question Dozier about the details of each assault, and asked if he would like to say anything to the victims. Nannery showed a photo of one of the women on the night she was attacked. She was with paramedics, and blood was splattered on the sidewalk.

“Tell them I am sorry,” Dozier said. “That’s not right, it shouldn’t have ever happened,” he said after viewing the photo.

Dozier is charged with 26 felonies in the three attacks. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

Closing arguments for the trial will be Monday at 9 a.m. in Department 25 of San Francisco Superior Court, 850 Bryant St.

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