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Weekends may be made for fun, but for the Mission High varsity football team, this weekend was no party: on Saturday, the Bears were lanced by the Menlo High Knights.

The 56-24 loss at Kezar Stadium brings the Mission team to a 1-1 pre-season recond. The Bears have one preseason game left to get into defending champion mode before the regular season kicks off.

The Bears lost in part because the Knights were more powerful, disciplined and organized. But Mission High helped defeat itself  by shows of poor sportsmanship that undermined team morale and led to costly mistakes.

Fumbles and interceptions hurt the Bears, but individual player frustration also hampered  the team. For example, after a quick score from the Knights in the first quarter, some Bear players called out their  teammates for not defending the Knights’ offense. The frustration grew by the end of the first quarter with the Bears down 28-0.

The Bears made adjustments in the second quarter to add some points on the board but were still down 42-12 by halftime. The frustration continued in the second half on the Bears’ first possession as they ran for 25 yards and then fumbled the ball. The Knights capitalized on the opportunity and scored on the Bears’ mistake.

After the game, Bears Coach Joe Albano told his team that they played the best team outside of their division that they’ll face this season.

Alejandro Rosas

Mission Local Sports Reporter

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