VIDEO: Sirron Norris’ First Mural in the Mission

En Español.

Muralist Sirron Norris is getting ready to start a new mural in the Mission next week, at Calumet, 2001 Bryant St.

The Ohio native sat down with Mission Local to talk about his art, influences and background. He took the opportunity to also talk about the first mural he did in the neighborhood.

If you want to hear more about Norris, below is the entire interview:

Sirron Norris from Mission Local on Vimeo.

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  1. Jonathan

    I like his cartoon style.

  2. I am not a fan of his cartoon style.

  3. George Grosz

    Isn’t Norris the guy who does the cute little characters, but also makes sure to include a mild critique of gentrification? And then started plastering his cute characters on everything from coffee mugs to aprons, which you could buy in a cute little boutique somewhere? And then started reproducing his schtick in murals in cute little restaurants where you can buy a cute little snack for 12 or 13 bucks?

    • marco

      Sounds cute! If this is the guy who did the murals at Jay’s Cheese Steaks, my kid loves those cute little characters…

  4. Taca

    his mural on Balmy Alley along with the Ladies from Nepal are the best.
    Yes, his cute little characters are sold on cute hip stores, not sure he is the one making them… just like Banksy!

  5. slappy

    First in the Mission? What about Jay’s Cheesesteak near Valencia? That’s not the Mission? Hmmmm…

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