A 24-year-old man remains in life-threatening condition after being shot on 16th Street near Albion Friday night, police said.

The gang task force and the criminal investigative unit have been reviewing surveillance footage from security cameras nearby.

The shooting happened at about 11:37 p.m. Friday night, according to police. Officers responded to reports of gunshots and found the victim outside when they arrived at the scene.

Police blocked off 16th Street between Valencia and Guerrero while they collected evidence. A pool of blood was visible on the pavement. According to Sergeant Michael Andraychak, the victim, a San Francisco resident, remains in life-threatening condition.

A witness who declined to give his name told Mission Local he saw the victim lying face down on the pavement while another man — presumably a friend — lay on top of him, crying.

“It was definitely not the shooter,” the witness said.

This story was first published on June 9, 2012, at 3:27 a.m. It was last updated on June 10, 2012, at 6:58 p.m. We will continue to update it as we get more information. 

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Rigoberto Hernandez

Rigoberto Hernandez is a journalism student at San Francisco State University. He has interned at The Oregonian and The Orange County Register, but prefers to report on the Mission District. In his spare time he can be found riding his bike around the city, going to Giants games and admiring the Stable building.

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    1. I tried to give a statement, actually waited quite a while, but frankly – the dismissive, suspicious attitude of the the 2 officers near me did not make me want to deal with them. I know they take a lot of crap, but that’s what they signed up for – at least try to provide Customer Service, because that’s what it is. I don’t have much to offer, so I’ll say it here: I heard one extremely loud blast that I assumed was a M-80. When I looked out the window (oblivious to the body in the street – couldn’t see that angle from that part of the window), I saw 4 sorta compact, stocky, not very tall, probably non-white (don’t even bother with any racist shit – I’m from this land and I know things), young men in typical nondescript hoods and Ts running in formation (2×2) eastbound on the north side of 16th (passing Big Lantern, Kilowatt, and across Albion. I figured they lit the device. The sirens later alerted me to the body of the victim. Sincere condolences to friends and family – tragic loss perpetrated by cowards.

  2. Lorenzo (Loli) was an amazing young man. He’d just recently moved back to the bay area from Olympia, Wa. He loved it there. I’m sure he’d no idea it would be his last move. He was a wonderful guy. And an organ/tissue donor. Some good came from his passing, but not enough to console us, his family. He wasn’t “hard” or a “thug”; he had a smile for everyone, everywhere. If you witnessed his murder, please, please come forward.

  3. Somebody took my best friend away over absolutely nothing. Nobody deserves what Lorenzo went through. The people that did this to him didn’t even know him. If they did they would ve known he was an amazing loyal man. There has to be more people that witness ed the horrible things that these cowards did to him. My heart hurts so much. So many people are so saddened and hurt by
    this. If anyone has any tips leads please please please call and report. There are detectivesworking hard on this case.I’m sure anything would help . Thank you .

  4. We live near the corner of 16th and Guerrero and my housemate called the police after she heard the shot and saw out of our front window the guy laying in the street.
    When the police came to take her report, the victim had already been taken away to the hospital, but the police told us that his injury was “not life threatening”. The police lied to us. I wonder why?

  5. Not exactly a witness (too far to see anything precise), but I was in a cab heading down 16th and saw a group kicking and beating – I would say about 8-12 individuals – one man who was lying in the street. Then a single shot rang out from what appeared to be one of the assailants, and everyone scattered. My cab promptly turned onto Guerrero and dropped me off at my destination (Elbo Room) just about a minute later. There was a black and white just outside. I immediately approached the two officers inside and reported what I’d just seen. I am still shocked at the utter lack of urgency they showed. I actually had to repeat the story for them to raise an eyebrow and respond that they had something else to look into first. You’d think the story of a shooting literally just around the corner might have gotten their attention. Anyway, don’t really want to second guess them, but just wanted to vent. I’ve been checking the news sites since – and the sparse information has been frustrating. Really just a shame all around.

    1. Most officers can’t afford (or don’t WANT) to live here and are not invested in the community. It must be like being a prison guard going to work – do they really care? Doubt it.

  6. Wow. Not a single peep about it in the Chron. Although the beating/death of the B2B runner is as tragic and sad, his death is more than properly covered.

  7. Thank you for posting – I was pretty sure this was Lorenzo. He stayed at my home for a short while when he was in high school. He was such a polite and respectful boy. Condolences to the family.

  8. The man has a name-Lorenzo Jiminez and no he did not make it. He will be removed from life support today. Anyone that witnessed this cowardly act needs to have courage and report what they saw to the police, it could have been your friend-just remember that! It’s a shame that people are willing to take out a phone to videotape violence but can’t stand up to help out of fear for their own lives. Another young man has lost his life over what? What have we taught our children?

  9. the poor guy was dead on the street by the time the SFFD showed up and tried CPR for 15 minutes in front of my house…RIP. I saw 4 guys run off – get the story straight before ‘reporting’ it here. I’m surprised all the Tumblr vultures filming the whole scene haven’t posted anything.

    1. Yep, I saw that as well. Really saddened by the fact that people didn’t help or try to stop the fight! 16th Street was completely packed that night. I don’t understand how people can be so freaking dumb about the preciousness of life! RIP to the young fellow. I kept waiting for the news to report him as dead because he was definitely DOA when we stepped out of the bar. Maybe they wanted to keep him on life support until his family could say goodbye. btw, where are his friends? Why aren’t they coming forward?

  10. Was at SF General today visiting a friend and came across the man’s family. Unfortunately he did not survive. Curious as to why this story wasn’t reported on sfgate.com?

    1. Because there’s enough crime and shootings in the Mission that another one isn’t news.

      1. More likely because it happened on a Friday night, when the Chron and other news outlets are down to their skeleton crews, doing very little reporting over the weekend. It’s another reason why outlets like Mission Local are so valuable.

  11. Maybe the people in the Mission should try voting more. Mr. Mayor listens to dollars, not whines.

    1. Thanks for contributing your flippant, bitchy comment to a story about a guy getting shot in the face.

    2. Ed Lee listens to the folks with money who put him in power – not hard working folks in the Mission who pay taxes and pay his and other city workers’ salaries. You clearly don’t live in the neighborhood and know nothing about it, so please take your ignorance and fuck off to the sfgate.com comment section where you belong.

    3. Where do you live, Lisa? The Marina? Maybe you should stay there in your little bubble and not comment about things you don’t understand.

    4. No I live in the Mission for another week.

      I’m tired of this cracked out neighborhood, the shootings and the endless handwringing of white people who don’t want to come off as racist but won’t admit that a lot of the problems in this neighborhood are gang-related. I’m done. Good luck with your crappy neighborhood.

      1. And also, if you want change, do something about it besides write to your ineffective supervisor. March en masse, demand change. Form a neighborhood watch group and run these pieces of trash causing problems out of town.

  12. HORRID! Just heard about this from Mike at the K&D! Ironically, a film crew had signs up – and caution tape ready to go – on Friday morning when I went to the Smoke Shop. Seeing most of the Caution Tape gone just now, I assumed the Bridge and Tunnel crowd had taken it on a lark. So when I asked Mike about the “shooting…” Yeah… Not what I expected. You’d think as chi chi poo poo as the nabe is getting – so much soo that Michael and our beloved Adobe Books is leaving after the land owner raised the rent by ONE GRAND (now five), things like this wouldn’t happen.

    What? Some kid was maybe harassed by thugs in a car and said something back? He gets SHOT for that with the valet parking guy standing by? I’m not saying the valet could do anything. It’s just part of the irony.

    Once again, WE NEED BEAT COPS! This is insane! We’re overrun with tourists from Friday to Sunday. I see drug deals go down all the time while the motorcycle cops drive by! I once ran into the street trying to flag them down when some guy in a suit was face down on the pavement at the bus stop! And NOT on Mission! This tiny area is written up in some big glossy at least every couple of months for our boho chic, artsy whatever and coolness (or snobbery). We are “the Inner Mission Hipsters.” We even have the annoying faux cable car tourist busses coming through all weekend long. It’s about time the City took notice of where the hot spots really are these days – as in for the past freaking decade! Is it REALLY that difficult for a couple of cops to walk up 16th between Valencia and Guerrero at least? A few hours on Friday and Saturday nights? It’s not like they’re far away!
    Nothing has changed. It’s just as hard to get them here when you hear a fight – often with one threatening to shoot the other – as it was fifteen years ago! This SUCKS! The presence of a couple of cops could have prevented such a tragedy! I hope he’ll be fine AND that he’ll go to the TV News outlets with his story.

    THESE are the people spending money in this town and they’re HERE! The City says it wants cash flow? PROTECT those who are spending WHERE they’re spending; not just in Union Square and Upper Fillmore!

    What a SENSELESS, STUPID tragedy!

    I’d LOVE to show the Mayor and politicos around this nabe some weekend so they can rent a clue! My heart goes out to this man, his family and friends!

    1. Show up at the monthly Captain’s meeting at the Mission Police Station and let your voice be heard.

      Even though the SFPD probably wouldn’t say this in public, the tacit policy is “containment.” They’d rather keep the drug dealing in an rundown area, littered with SROs, where they know it’s going on (i.e. 16th & Mission) rather than have it migrate to other parts of the neighborhood.

      1. It’s a fact that nobody in an official capacity in SF will admit publically to the containment policy approach and also a clear fact this is the policy in effect around 16th and Mission – why else would the blatant drug dealing and constant violation of other laws like drinking in public, public urination and selling transfers be tolerated every single day ?

        The Mayor and the Supervisors clearly don’t care about Mission people at all.

    2. I wish Mission Local would note the proximity to the precinct station in stories like this (the station is 1 block away). It’s bu11sh|t that the police have such little presence in their own backyard.

      1. Everyone knows the cops in the Mission don’t do shit – highlighting that in every story won’t change that. Don’t believe me ? Try calling them when something’s going down and see what reaction you get.

    3. Unfortunately it’s pretty unlikely that Ed Lee will step off the BART, walk through the puddles of urine, get mean mugged and hassled by the temporary occupants of the plaza and actually come to the Mission, especially after dark.

      On the other hand, I encourage everyone to call Campos to discuss the containment policy and if he endorses it and if not, what he intends to do to address it.

      1. Sorry but Campos is part of the problem. Remember, Campos is the one who supports allowing illegal MS13 gangsters like Edwin Ramos who are arrested for crimes to stay here and terrorize the neighborhood, rather than being deported.

  13. The man was shot once in the chest/face area by people in a car after a confrontation. The car drove off leaving the man in the street face down. A pool of blood started growing from beneath him. He was not moving at all. People congregated in the street and detoured cars as well as called 911. The wounded man lay on the ground and a few of his friends came running out of the bar screaming. Two of them tried to recessitate him using CPR but he did not move. An ambulance arrived and placed him on a stretcher about 10-12 minutes after he was shot. The cops started taping the street off and collecting evidence thereafter.

    1. not true a young guy walked up and shot him while several people were jumping him i was right there!!

      1. Ummm….from what I can tell, your stories do not contradict each other, however if you saw the whole thing – did you give a statement to the police?

        1. A friend saw the whole thing.

          A group of at least a dozen people chased the guy out of Double Dutch. They surrounded him on the street and beat him unconscious. Then they kicked him until one of them pulled out a gun and shot the guy. Then they all ran off.

          And, yes, my friend called the police.

      2. call us we need your help on this unprovoked attack. 415-734-3181 get involved and help us put an end to this violence

  14. *pavement* would more appropriate and not payment….

    It is very sad to hear such news. Sympathies to the family.

    1. “Sympathies to the family.”

      Huh? What type of sympathies? To whom? The victim did not die. Did you read the story? Or did you just read “shooting” in the headline and post “Sympathies to the family.”? My sympathies to YOU.