San Francisco police said they have identified the victim of a possible sexual assault on June 18 at 19th and Capp streets. Investigators have also found similarities between the previously unreported incident and a sexual assault that was reported on June 15.

Police said they started an investigation after Mission Local published an interview with the alleged victim.

Mission Local spoke to Inspector John Keane about the incident on Thursday outside of Bender’s Bar and relayed information that was already publicly available on the Mission Local website. At no point did the reporter tell the investigator the alleged victim’s name.

In the June 15 incident, which occurred on Erie Alley near 13th Street, a woman was approached from behind by two men who grabbed her and attempted to sexually assault her, police said.

In both incidents, the women were attacked by two men. One was described as short, possibly 5 feet 4 inches, and the other taller, about 5 feet 10 inches. The men were described as a Hispanic and an African American, or two Hispanic males.

Police have assigned additional investigators to the case to determine whether there is any connection between the two incidents. Mission Police Station has also increased patrols in the area.

The San Francisco Police Department is asking anyone who has information about either of these incidents to contact the SFPD by calling the anonymous tip line, 415-575-4444, or texting a tip via mobile phone to TIP411; type SFPD followed by your message. To report a life-threatening emergency or a crime in progress, call 911.

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Hélène Goupil

Hélène Goupil is a former editor at Mission Local who now works independently as a videographer and editor. She's the co-author of "San Francisco: The Unknown City" (Arsenal Pulp Press).

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  1. Excellent work, Mission Local. You continue to cover our neighborhood better than any other news outlet.

  2. And don’t walk alone at 2am by your lonesome, ladies. Be proactive about your safety and not just expecting nothing to ever happen to you.

    1. David, what if I have to walk home from work? Truth is…i have to! Why cant I expect to be safe walking home from work. I am sorry if this seems like I am trying to start an issue. I just dont understand why its unreasonable for me to have to accept being raped if I have to walk home at night.

      1. It’s not unreasonable at all, but then again you can’t reason with predatory animals now can you?

      2. I’m a male that’s have been in the mission most of my life. Reguardless of what time I’m going home. I’m always assuming something is going to go down and always prepared for the worst. If you want to walk home at night and don’t want to have to think about these things San Francisco isn’t for you. Not trying to be mean being realistic.

        1. I have lived here all my life. Your right, its being realistic. I was born here 49 years ago and will never leave. I just think its funny that our first reaction to this this situation is “why are you out at night?” and “dont walk in the mission at night” Why isnt it “Lets find who did it” ” This isnt acceptable” I grew up in North Beach and have seen that area change. I am not willing to accept this type of element not matter what area it is. I dont care. its not acceptable even in the Mission

  3. @Diane Because you live in SF–the Mission, to be specific–and not Mill Valley. There are a lot of good, kind and caring people here, but we can’t ignore the fact that there are bad people who are willing to mug, assault, and hurt others here too. Unless we find a way to wipe them all out, this is how it’s going to be.

  4. Hey I am the owner of Little Baobab, and I am so sad that this event happened right near us. Please, if you feel scared at night, and you are around us, just stop by and we will escort you to your car. Let s put the community at work together for maximum protections

    1. That’s awesome, Marco. It would be great if all businesses with late hrs could arrange escorts to cars or nearby homes.

  5. @holly -well said. People who have the expectation are the perfect victim. Living in SF for 15 years, I NEVER have any expectations of being safe….and that’s the simple and sad truth of city living.

    1. I am hardly the perfect victim. I have brawled with the best of them. I just find it funny that everyone blames the victim. Why is she out at night? Why was she in that area? Instead of blaming the attackers. Thank you Little Baobab. That is what I am talking about.

  6. I think Diane’s point is that, even in unsafe areas, men are not instructed, “Now, boys, make sure you don’t walk around at 2am all by your lonesome.” Almost every man I know has been assailed by some fool looking to pick a fight.

  7. I work between 17th and 18th and Capp and am male and i’m worried leaving work in the dark. No one is gong to rape me but it is still dangerous with so many crazies and lowlifes so be careful out there. We still have to worry about getting knifed robbed or simply harrassed by the drug addicts.

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