Mission Cheese Denied Longer Operating Hours

Sarah Dvorak, Photography by Peter Prato. File photoSarah Dvorak, Photography by Peter Prato. File photo

The state agency in charge of distributing liquor licenses has denied Mission Cheese’s request to serve beer and wine past 8 p.m., the business owner said.

Owner Sarah Dvorak told us in an email:

Our current beer & wine permit only allows us to serve until 8 pm. We had to wait one year from the date our license was granted to apply to amend our hours. We want to stay open until 10, at least on Friday & Saturday evenings. We are constantly turning away disappointed potential customers when we close at 8. Some even think we’re joking when we say we are closed.

Last week we were visited by the SFPD who told us they were happy to have us in the neighborhood & should have no trouble getting the extra hours. Today I received a call that they will be denying our request because one individual in the 100 ft radius believes our business to be disruptive as is. Apparently one person is enough to deny the request. 

We are not withdrawing our request & we plan to have hearing where a judge will officially decide whether or not we can stay open until 10. If he denies our request, we have to wait another year to reapply.

We thought with all the liquor licenses being granted these days that our request was pretty minor. Aye.

Update: Justin Gebb, of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control said it was not just a single objection that led to the denial of extension.

Mission Cheese was restricted by the department from opening past 8 p.m. because there are residents located within 100 feet, there are consideration points, such as schools and churches near, the operation of an outside patio, and because the premise is within a high crime census track.

At least three of those factors have not changed, which is what lead to the denial.

Gebb added that the business can go before the judge — like many businesses in San Francisco do — who will re-examine the conditions and can make and can determine whether or not to grant an exception to her restaurant.

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  1. heather

    Wow. If I had to choose one thing that I just….hate about San Francisco, it’s this NIMBY bullshit. I’ve been to Mission Cheese a few times and “disruptive” is the last word I would use to describe it. Delicious? Yes. Disruptive? No. Hopefully the judge will see the lunacy in listening to one stupid NIMBY and hook these folks up with a few extra hours a night.

  2. Christophe

    That’s San Francisco: Government by Yelp. “This place reminds me of a place that I broke up with a girlfriend once so one star and they shouldn’t get their amended liquor license.”

  3. diana

    So ridiculous. Glad to hear they are not backing down. Fingers crossed the judge is fair and hope they get their extension!

  4. randolph mortimer

    can neighbors attend the hearing to add their support ?

  5. fred

    That’s lame. American liquor laws are so conservative. Can they stay open, but not serve alcohol after 8?

  6. alissa

    Wow, the W-K liquor store on 24th sells to drunks at all hours, leaves the street around it littered with bottles and is very disruptive, but somehow those complaints are not heard. I guess they only hear complaints on the other side of Mission St…

  7. Pajmf

    100 ft radius.

    That must be one of their residential building condo owners above.

    “Disruptive” must mean to them, there’s a restaurant on the ground floor of my building!

  8. Lisa

    Well, if it is one of the residential condo owners above, I think they have more right than anyone else to say no to extended business hours.

  9. Dude

    Looks like somebody has a “dairy” disappointing attitude.

  10. Dude

    NIMBY-ism is no “gouda” for anyone!

  11. Dude

    The appeal should make everything cheddar.

  12. Kp

    It could also be someone on guerrero

  13. Been_There

    This comment has been deleted.

    • randolph mortimer

      Thanks. So this appears to support the ‘neighbor who lives in a commercial area and complains about living in a commercial area’ theory.

      No more information about the hearing or how to support Mission Cheese still ?

  14. If you move onto a busy commercial area, you know this coming in. I remember years ago when they first build lofts on 11th street. Owners were bitching about all the club noise. DUH! Live somewhere else.

  15. Pamela

    With all the bars & liquor stores around that area that stay open later than Mission Cheese, this is ridiculous. Here is someone who has done something positive to improve that sketchy section of Valencia St. Hopefully, the judge sees reason & lets her have the permit to 10pm. Better stil, get rid of the persons who make it a high crime census track.

  16. “Mission Cheese was restricted by the department from opening past 8 p.m. because there are residents located within 100 feet, there are consideration points, such as schools and churches near, the operation of an outside patio, and because the premise is within a high crime census track.”

    Could you PLEASE call them back and ask them to elaborate? Their reasoning (if you can call it that) in this case would mean not a single bar could operate in the Mission. Why is Mission Cheese being singled out?

  17. Sarah

    Thank you for the update. This is more information than I was given by the abc. They definitely said it was due to a single objection. We still don’t understand how this makes us different than anyone else in the hood. Anyone?

    Will report back once I have more information on how to help. Thanks all for the support!!!

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