Panchita’s #3 Employees Charge Wage Theft and Worker Abuse

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Employees of Panchita’s #3 and their supporters gathered Tuesday in front of the restaurant on 22nd Street to protest what they describe as wage theft and worker abuse. The restaurant had not yet opened for dinner.

Referring to the owner, a worker who was fired in February of 2010 told the group of some 20 protesters that “Johnny Marenco did not pay for the first two weeks and said I was good for nothing.” She did not know why Marenco fired her.

Another worker, who was at the restaurant for 11 months in 2010, said she had worked full-time for $200 a week, a “totally unacceptable wage.”

Other workers at the restaurant, which is between Van Ness and Capp streets, said they were paid “only $200 per week for full-time work,” according to a press release by Young Workers United, an organization that works with young and immigrant workers.

In the press release, the organization wrote that female workers “were harassed, yelled at, and forced to work two weeks without any pay.”

Last month the California Labor Commissioner’s office forced the Big Lantern on 16th Street to pay $230,000 in back wages to 14 of its employees.

Supervisor David Campos’ aide Hillary Ronen recently told Mission Loc@l that wage theft is a pervasive problem throughout the city.

Mission Loc@l tried to contact the restaurant but our calls went unanswered.

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  1. Aaron

    Wage theft is pervasive is SF? ML, I hope you’re going to give us some facts that support or discredit that quote.

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