Seven men were detained and questioned on their probation status at 24th and Mission Streets this afternoon.

While police detained the men, approximately twenty people gathered around a makeshift memorial for David Duran, a man who recently died. An officer previously told Mission Loc@l that Duran had been drinking when he fell. He hit his head on the concrete, and died.

It’s unclear at this time whether the two incidents were related. We will update this story as we get more information.

Octavio Lopez Raygoza

Octavio Lopez Raygoza hails from Los Angeles. Lured by the nightlife, local eateries, and famous chilaquiles, Raygoza enjoys reporting in the Mission District. Although he settled in downtown San Francisco,...

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  1. Perhaps these youngsters are grieving the loss of a Long Time Mission Native (Indio). Sad that they’re sweeping out the true Mission natives most likely to cater to the hipster invasion. Darn I wish The Mission could be what it once was. Que paso con nuestro Barrio?????

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