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Amandeep Jawa, a programmer, has been living in the Mission since 1996, and about seven or eight years ago a friend suggested that for a costume party he put little mirrors on his head and become a disco ball.

Jawa went to work perfecting the disco ball costume. With each ball he gained experience designing spherical costumes. He tried making the disco ball with papier mache, but it didn’t work well with the speaker system, and “you know you gotta have a speaker system,” Jawa says.

Several tries and Halloween parties later, he got it right. The mirrors now work, the speaker system too, and he’s named the latest version Disco Ball 5.0.

Jawa is also the owner of the famous parklet on Valencia Street — you know, the one with the triceratops made out of succulent plants. You can read more about it here.

If you like dancing, he plans mob dance parties in the street once in while; check out the web page.