Good Morning Mission!

Photo by Shannon Lynch

It’s 7 a.m., 49° and headed to 63°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

Good piece in the NYT on Sunday about Brazil’s street artists or urban guerrillas.

Here is a snippet:

“We practice class warfare, and there are casualties in war,” said Rafael Guedes Augustaitiz, 27. “They compare us to barbarians, and there may be a little truth in that.”

Mr. Augustaitiz is part of a subculture that executes a form of graffiti described by one scholar as an “alphabet designed for urban invasion.” It nearly envelops some of São Paulo’s government buildings, residential high-rises, even public monuments, with lettering eerily reminiscent of Scandinavia’s ancient runic writing.

It’s funny. The Bay Citizen has a piece in the Times today on the push for public benches. Last spring I spent some time collecting photographs of benches in the Mission, and what was striking was how few had anyone sitting on them.

At any rate, back to art. Curbs & Stoops reminds us that it’s time to venture out of the Mission to see the very fun work at White Walls, 835 Larkin St., by the Brooklyn-​based duo Skewville.

Given that the weather looks good through next weekend, you might even want to walk there. Enjoy, lc

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