District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar can’t get a break.

First he had to endure new criticism over his legislation banning Happy Meal toys, which goes into effect today. Now, as SF Examiner columnist Melissa Griffin points out, the Asian cuisine restaurant that he honored in October is closing.

Yesterday, Inside Scoop reported that the owners of Namu on Balboa Street have decided to focus their energy on their Mission District restaurant, Namu Gaji, at 499 Dolores St. The owners could not negotiate a lease, according to the Scoop’s Paolo Lucchesi.

This is what Mar had to say about the soon-to-be-closed restaurant:

“Although they only opened their doors a few years ago, it has already established itself as a small business that really gives back to the community. The healthy fresh produce boxes they offer on Sunday are affordable, $15 or $25, for a tremendous amount of fresh food…. Lastly, my hope is that the three brothers continue to flourish for years to come….”