Who Is San Francisco International High School?

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Edith Melendez, a high school correspondent.

Hello, and welcome to San Francisco International High School!

Everyone is asking, “Who is San Francisco International High School?”

SFIHS is a new school that’s in its third year, with just ninth-, tenth- and eleventh-grade students. A school for recent immigrants, it prepares and inspires students in high school for college and beyond.

We are 200 students from different countries and cultures, and speak more than 12 languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Vietnamese.

So what makes SFIHS unique?

Well…it’s how we learn, the friendships that we make, and the relationships that we develop with teachers. Some students say they like the school because they can have good communication with their teachers, while other students say they like how students act with empathy. They say it is the students that make SFIHS.

The school gives a lot of support and guidance to its students, and always gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves in and out of the classroom. In class, students are expected to be leaders, guiding and helping others to understand assignments. Out of class, students have the opportunity to join many extracurricular activities, and the majority of students are involved.

SFIHS has a young men’s soccer team that began two years ago. The boys are brave because they have to play with older and more experienced players. The primary purpose of the soccer team is to encourage students to do well in school. The soccer team practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and plays games every Tuesday and Thursday. The team has already played five games, putting forth all its energy and effort for each game.

To end, as many students say, SFIHS is an amazing place for recent immigrants.

Edith Melendez, from El Salvador, has been in the United States for four years. She is an English language learner at SFIHS. “I love to be active and I am willing to try new things in life even though they seem hard,” she said. “I honestly think that my school is amazing, because everyone can develop and discover their own skills, and also we can conserve our cultures and language ability.”

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