It’s 7 a.m., a cloudy 57° and climbing to 66°, which means there will be sun. Details are here.

Dave Eggers belongs to the world of Six (or maybe Three) Degrees of Separation for neat projects. Lucky Peach, a new food magazine by Momofuku’s 33-year-old chef, David Chang, has sold out two printings of the first edition, writes the NYT.

Turns out Chang was an editor for the 16-page food section of the 320-page Panorama newspaper project produced by McSweeney’s, Eggers’ publishing house.

In that section, Chang offered an “unprecedented visual guide to making the perfect bowl of ramen.”

Ah ramen. Ah Eggers.

Muni Diaries offers a Transpo shopping spree to show local pride.

I’d go for the wood routing by Dave Marcoullier Designs except that it looks pricey, so maybe the notebook or the T-shirt.

Parkmobiles, writes SF Gate, could replace parklets, which I’m already wondering about. Are either really a good idea?